Web Design

**disclaimer: I DO NOT do HTML or coding- my specialty is WordPress kinks, color schemes, and image design**

If you want to re-brand your blog, website, or create an easy-to-maintain website but don’t know where to start, I can help! Just pick one of the packages listed below and fill out the form at the bottom of the page!

(if payment states ‘per hour of work’ that means I will keep a careful, recorded Google Document sheet of what time I begin and end work to total up the cost)

Package One- WP blog

For a beginner, WordPress can be hard to figure out. I’ll help set up an account, website, and made a separator image, blog heading image, and help with color scheme/font/theme choices. I will also help brainstorm creative blog names/branding images.

$30 per hour of work + credit on your blog

Package Two- WP website

Are you a church organization, small business, or non-profit? I’m happy to design a website, teach you how to use the basic controls and update posts, plus I’ll do most of the image work ahead of time for you, and I’ll offer to make blog/social media graphics for $1 per graphic, wich is nearly half of my usual price.

$30 per hour of work + credit on your website

Package Three- blog rebrand

I’m happy to work with your current brand/color scheme and adjust it to your liking, make a separator image, and change fonts/themes. Plus I’ll make three complimentary graphics of any kind free of charge, in keeping with your new brand.

$25 per hour of work + credit on your website

Feel free to request a different sort of package as well, and I’ll whip up a special package just for you in case I missed something!

I’ll get back to you within a week and we can discuss payment method!