I am Christian, and because of that there are certain things I will not accept or read. Despite that, I am willing to read most things, even if they do not have a predominately Christian theme.

  1. I will not accept erotica or horror there is no line to this, I will not read any of it although I am by no means dismissing these genres
  2. I will not accept any foul language I do not consider ‘crap’ etc, to be foul, although I do put a limit of fifteen of that type of words per novel
  3. I will not accept any detailed romance nothing beyond a couple kisses/cuddles, especially between an unmarried couple
  4. I will not accept any novel glorifying demons, abortion, and adultery
  5. will accept novels with background LGBT characters because I understand that that is (sadly) part of our world, but I will not read anything that glorifies/centers around these characters

I reserve the right to refuse any request with or without written reason

I do not take responsibility for copyright violations and expect authors to submit their own work