Do you need some more reviews? Are you looking for feedback on your latest novel… but haven’t quite had the reading level you hoped for? Or do you need someone to read over your draft- in whatever stage- and check for plot holes, unnecessary complications, and boring stagnant scenes? I’m more than willing to lend a hand.


Reviews will be posted on Goodreads, emailed to you, and posted on my blog. At a future date, I may include Amazon. The cost is based on the word count.


Again, the cost is based on the word count. I will want a Google Document with suggestion mode that I can share with two of my three email addresses so I may access the document at any location on any device.


Do you want someone to read over your plot idea or the first chapter of your novel? Or maybe you have a different idea. This is where you’d request situation-specific or request to add a new manuscript service. Payment will be decided depending on word count/intensity.