If you’re not exactly looking for a review, but you’re not looking for plot fixes and critiques either, you’ve come to the right place. Here you can request for me to read over a plotting sheet, inspect a character, or read the first chapter of a novel- writer to writer. You can even request something totally different- something I haven’t thought of yet.

It’ll be $15 for me to read, critique and talk to you about your first chapter. I’ll go over it in detail and make sure it draws me in, then tell you how you can improve it.

Reading over a plotting sheet is $15 and I’ll read it twice, tell you where it lags and what you could improve. I’ll talk you through your issues via Google Hangouts and cheer you on.

Inspecting a character is $20 and much more in-depth. I’ll read any character notes/sheets that you have, discuss personality traits and check for well-roundness. You can pick 4 snippets from your writing, or come up with 4 that properly display your character’s best (or worst) moments. I’ll read them and make sure he/she/it is consistent.