Cover Designs

Whether e-book, with a back cover, or with spine, cover designs can be fancy, simple, or complex with multiple layered images, but they all have one thing in common. They strive to draw in the reader.

I know first-time, young, and indie authors often struggle to find a cover designer that is affordable, and is willing to work with them. I know the struggle myself, and I can help! Both my pre-made and ordered covers are unique, theme-fitting, and most of all, affordable.

Graphic Designs

Everything in today’s blogging world requires graphics, images, and they often need text, proper formatting, and similarities. Bloggers can struggle with this… but I can help! I design everything from blog tour to social media graphics, all in affordable, willing-to-work-with-you packages!

Web Design

Want a brand-new fresh look for your blog? Looking to re-brand and wanting a stylish yet simple color scheme and theme- but don’t want to empty your life’s savings? I’m your girl!

Although I dabble in coding, I’m best at color schemes, themes, and styles. I’m willing to work with almost any program, but specifics are listed at the link.