Cover Design

Say you’ve just finished your final draft of your manuscript, you know you’re self-publishing and you’ve sent it out to betas, or maybe you’re still on your first stage of editing and want an idea for the publishing company, but whatever the reason you need a cover. A quick internet search turns into a week-long research project, and you end up debating between an artist that you love their products, and an artist that’s just okay… but way more affordable. Well… you don’t have to go through that anymore!

I’m not saying that everyone’s going to love my designs. In fact, I really don’t mind if you mostly just want a placeholder cover- you’re thinking you’ll upgrade later. I’m cool with that.

What I’m really here for is providing you with a third option… an artist who knows her way around self-publishing and making covers, but is also affordable. I offer two options- pre-made designs and made-to-order designs. (scroll to the bottom for pre-made)

For only $5 more dollars, I can include a 3D version of your cover for promotion and blog posts. (this service is also available for authors who have made their own cover and want to pay for a 3D version of it. I can do it with any PNG)

3d version of pre-made cover A CERTAIN SORT OF PRINCESS
3D covers- $5


  • e-book cover price is $15
  • front and back paperback cover price is $20- with a spine is $25 (you can add a matching e-book cover for $5 to $8)
  • I will make up to three changes in the cover free of charge, any more are $1 per change
  • Please note that all book covers are made with stock photos, and licensed photos (if wished) will be added to the cost
  • payments can be made via PayPal

Just fill out the simple form below and I’ll contact you within a week!


Pre-made covers have everything but the title, author name, and series/subtitle. I will add all of that to the cover for you.

Covers are anywhere from $5- $20, changing design itself (font, pictures) is $3 per change. Payments can be made via PayPal. Fill out the form (at the bottom of the page) if you want a cover.

After you purchase a cover it will no longer be available for purchase.

**disclaimer: covers are made with stock photos***

E-book/front cover

Single book

  • $25 for three books
  • Any one of the series covers can be bought as a stand-alone cover
  • Lovely Little Things series- images can be changed

Fill out the below form and I will get back to you within a week! (note that for most single covers I can create similar ones for a series- just ask!)

Full Covers

Note that full covers work best for KDP- I haven’t tried any other program with this style cover. I can help you put cover onto KDP by including detailed instructions and I am willing to email back and forth and try something else/ refund if it doesn’t work right.

Keep in mind that I can change spine size/cover size and add about the author/author image or take it away.

london- $20
trickster princess- $20
summer flowers- $20
the winter title- $20
heartbeat- $20
stupendous title- $20
swinging- $20
waiting on a train- $20